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Catholic Answers Live - Ask a Priest

September 3, 2020

Questions Covered:

  • 03:40 - I am wondering if my Baptism was valid. I was baptized in the Baptist church and I think there was a separation of form and matter. Can you help me? 
  • 11:22 - Should girls be permitted to be altar servers? 
  • 16:54 - How do I teach kids how to pray? 
  • 20:56 - I know someone who had a pacemaker and poor quality of life. They chose to turn their pacemaker off so they wouldn’t have to continue suffering. Was this ethical? 
  • 30:30 - What are the guidelines for incensing at Mass? When the priest has the water and wine put into the chalice, they always wipe the inside a little bit after. Why? 
  • 34:33 - What does the Catholic Church teach about how people should use their money? Should they give it all to the Church? 
  • 37:08 - My friend is searching for belief in God and feeling a fear for death. How can I help them to come to believe in God? 
  • 44:52 - I recently came back to the Church. My fiance doesn’t want our son to be baptized so young, she wants him to decide for himself. How can I talk to her about this important sacrament? 
  • 49:30 - When the priest holds up one host and that becomes the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, when do the rest of the hosts become consecrated? 
  • 51:11 - I am coming into the Church and I am trying to explain to my father the Catholic Church’s authority. He said that I am trusting my human authority to pick the Catholic Church. How can I respond? 

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