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Bible Study Evangelista - The Servant Songs: Episode 6 - Sprinkler of Nations, Servant Song 4

March 23, 2020

Category: Lent, Servant Songs Tag: Bible reading, lent, obedience, prophecy, suffering

Yes, friends, this last Servant Song of Isaiah extols the Suffering Servant’s purifying, saving power over even infectious diseases. I’m not kidding. The Suffering Servant “sprinkles the nations” – outside the place of worship – purifying them of sickness and sin. Who could have ever planned such a series with such a show at this time?!

The supreme self-sacrifice prophesied in the main part of the text is as surprising as the spin Isaiah gives it. Any religious person of his day would have viewed the Servant’s suffering as rightful punishment for sin. But the prophet sees through a different lens. Through beautiful imagery, Isaiah announces three-fold vindication for the Servant whose vicarious suffering will “justify the many.” God greatly rewards the selfless Servant and turns his suffering into the balm that heals the world.

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