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Bible Study Evangelista - 01 The “Masterwork” of God, A Biblical Walk Through the Sacraments

April 20, 2020

Category: A Biblical Walk Through the Sacraments, Sacraments Tag: Bible reading, Old Testament, prophecy, sacraments

Are “sacraments” biblical?

Sacrament comes from the Latin for “oath” or “swear,” and oath-taking is as old as Creation, as old as the Old Testament, as old as Christianity. God Himself swears an oath to you in every sacrament, and you swear one to Him every time you receive one.

Jesus instituted seven Christian sacraments, or covenants, for His one; holy; catholic (meaning universal); and apostolic church. The sacraments are “the masterworks of God” (CCC 1116), that administer and affect saving grace in the soul. Together, they equip us for a complete self-donation to God that draws us deeper and deeper into the mystery of God’s Trinitarian life for all eternity.

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