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A Seeking Heart with Mike Aquilina 6/3/16

June 3, 2016

My Guest Today --  Author, Mike Aquilina

  • We share our different paths back from fallen away Catholics to embracing the faith!
  • HOW is Mass jam packed NOT just on Easter and Christmas?  
  • What are angels really?  
  • Old and New Testament evidence for #angels - AND WHOA is there ever
  • Guardian Angels
    • Childhood prayer NOT JUST for Children!
    • Enlisting them for difficult conversations 
    • Their incredible diverse role in our lives!
  • Poor Hagar .... but what a lesson in seeing how God doesn't miss a single person's despair
  • Envy - the possible root of Lucifer's sin and how Angels can help us overcome from falling 
This is just the tip of the Angelic iceberg not only in our time together but on the subject in general .. to learn more listen AND I highly recommend Mike's book Angels of God: The Bible, The Church and the Heavenly Host published by Servant Books/Franciscan Media.

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