Setting the Record Straight: Is Catholic Art A Distraction?

March 10, 2017

Protestant friend observed that a statue of the Blessed Mother was a distraction from true exercise of the Christian faith.

Listen to how I answered him.

Setting the Record Straight -  Trying to Understand Islam versus Catholicism

March 3, 2017
Why can't we all just get along? Listen to a quick survey of 14 centuries of interaction between the two largest religions. 
There are some valuable lessons to be learned. 

Setting the Record Straight: How Did The Incorrect Become so Politically Correct? 2-21-17

February 24, 2017

What was happening in the United States in the Twentieth Century.  Looking back now we can see that the story has more levels that we thought at the time.  Lets take another look.


Setting the Record Straight: Charity

February 6, 2017
Charity was a Big Surprise! Before the Catholic Church charity as we know was rare in human societies. Love of everyone, even of enemies, astounded  the people of Roman Empire. To top it off Catholics then created the things we call "Hospitals". 



Setting the Record Straight - The Myth Exterminator

October 5, 2016
Pull on your Soldiers of Christ uniforms and strap on your Myth Exterminator Guns and back up Chuck as he patrols the alleyways of history blasting away all those pesky anti-Catholic myths.‚Äč

Setting the Record Straight - Meditations

October 4, 2016

Listen to this delicious collection of short meditations from some of the Catholic world's most famous writers and mystics‚Äč.


Setting the Record Straight - What About the Crusades?

October 3, 2016
What were the Crusades for? Surprise! They were not to acquire Catholic colonies. They were enacted to perform penance, to end persecution and slaughter of of Catholics, to end the defiling of the Holy Sepulcher and sacred places. They weren’t even called Crusades. Even in the 19th century they were always referred to as Pilgrimages, a term more true to the spirit of most of the participants.

Setting the Record Straight: The Knowledge Network

September 30, 2016

The Knowledge Network is one of the great achievements of the Roman Catholic Church. A network of interacting universities and intellectual research institutes embraces our globe.

Listen to how it was created. Hear how the Knowledge Network was inspired and made real by the faith and reason of an uniquely Catholic world view.
Prague's Universitas Carolina



Setting the Record Straight: Shipwrecked with Robinson Crusoe

September 29, 2016
Robinson Crusoe was the first great novel and still one of the best. But even if you read it , you still probably haven’t read it. 

The version we have in all the libraries, bookstores,  and schools has been heavily censored to remove 

the apparently objectionable theme of Christianity. And Christianity is what the authentic Robinson Crusoe is all about. 

Listen to some small bits of the really surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe.

Setting the Record Straight: Troubles and Treasures of the Secret Archives

September 28, 2016
The lost treasures that had been kept in the Secret Archives of the Vatican included official documents, trivia,  and financial recirds that would have been an invaluable trove for historians. More important were some of the original master copies of the foundation stones of our Catholic faith. These are  treasures that would have changed our lives and evangelization today. What happened? If the destructive persecution of several Roman emperors wasn't trouble enough for the archives then Goths, Visgoths, Huns, and Vandals sacked Rome. Thats what happened.

Setting the Record - The Wanderin’ Wayfarin’ Vatican Archives

September 27, 2016
The Secret Archives of the Vatican moved avoid attacks and because they were needed when the Pope was traveling tyo distant meeting. No internet so... a lot of slow laborious traveling. The Mule Book describes these papal mule trains. Also listen to some interesting stories about Saint Francis.

Setting the Record Straight - The California Missions of Father Serra

September 26, 2016
Fifty years before the British allowed Catholics to vote Father "Juniper", Junipero Serra, died.  He had not just founded the first successful Catholic missions, he not only founded the huge vegetable industry in California, he actually founded California itself. In 2015 Serra was delared a Saint by Pope Francis. Thats not all. Listen.