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What is new under the sun? 

What is new under the sun? 

August 21, 2019


In rebranding God, or seeking to alter Him, we create extra work for truth and love to be revealed, which is the only way we win…

#principleoftheday: What is new under the sun? 

Am I focused on productivity & giving God the glory, or am I focused how how I take Glory for myself now?

God has his way in the end either way. Some align under the banner of being combatants for good and the glory of God, and others fight unknowingly for themselves and their ability to get what they desire here on earth.

The battlefield is the mind, & creating doubt/fear in the mind of other by gossip, or pushing false witness is “witchcraft”, as those who understand that what matters is loving despite what we “see”, is the only path to bring people to fight for good, truth, & love...bringing them out of the darkness of allowing others to define, move, or sway them as they seek to influence to get their way with worldly rewards. (Getting in someone’s head).

Those who love this life will lose it, & those who deny themselves in this life will gain life eternal.

Acumen is the intentional denial of one’s humanity to await recognition of love despite being unseen to reveal a love of God vs. themselves, or to test if one will accept an earthly ruler.

God tests, Satan tempts.

Seeing is not believing.

We more often are what others believe us to be.

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