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God: The Podcast - Episode 4 with Dr. Paul Jones

God: The Podcast - Episode 4 with Dr. Paul Jones

November 14, 2017

This week Patch sits down with Dr. Paul Jones of Transylvania University. Dr. Jones is the professor of religion at Transy. He's a world traveler, a church kid from way back, a member of the Jesus seminar, and as you'll see, something of a raconteur. In Dr. Jones, Patch discovers someone he wishes he had known when he was struggling with his faith. Dr. Jones' approach to Christianity, doesn't just give lip service to questions and doubts. It clears a space at the table for them and invites them to say a few words before dinner. Patch and Dr. Jones discuss that place where Christianity and rationalism collide and what we, as thinkers, are to do with this collision. This one, as well as Dr. Jones' heart, seem made for people struggling with Christianity (and haven't entered the struggle with any needed outcomes). Listen! 

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God the Podcast - Episode 3 with Pete FosI

God the Podcast - Episode 3 with Pete FosI

October 17, 2017

The God of Philosophy

This week Patch sits down with Pete FosI, philosophy professor at Translyvania university. Pete know his shiz, man. He and Patch talk about the intersection of philosophy and theology. Nietzsche, Hume, and poetry. You don't want to miss this episode if you happen to be sitting in a leather wingback chair and smoking a pipe. This one is practically made for you. 

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God: The Podcast - Episode 2 - Superman

God: The Podcast - Episode 2 - Superman

October 5, 2017

This week, we talk with author, historian, and scholar, Jamie Groover about SUPERMAN as a path to transcendence. Big thanks to Collectables Etc. for hosting our talk. And here's the reading list Jamie mentioned:

Birthright OR Secret Orgin, depending on which one they think looks cooler.

Superman for All seasons #1-4 "Return to Krypton" (Superman vol 1 #141)

"Superman Under the Red Sun" (Action Comics vol 1 #300)

Superman vs Muhammad Ali

"The Man from Transilvane!" (Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #142-143)

"The Living Legends of Superman" (Superman vol 1 #400)

"For the Man Who has Everything" (Superman Annual #11) 

"The Secret is Revealed!" (Superman vol 2 #2)

"Death of Superman" (Superman: The Man of Steel #17-19, Superman vol 2 #73-75, Adventures of Superman vol 1 #496-497, Action Comics vol 1 #683-684 and Justice League America #69) 

"Reign of the Superman" (Action Comics vol 1 #687-691, Adventures of Superman vol #500-505, Green Lantern Voume 3, #46, Superman vol 2 #78-82 and Superman: The Man of Steel #22-26)

"Fire in the Sky/Heaven on Earth" (JLA #6-7) 

"Of Thee I Sing" (Hitman #34)

"22 Stories in a Single Bound" (Superman Adventures #41)

"Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes" (Action Comics vol 1 #858-863)

"The Last Days of Superman" (Superman vol 1 #156)

All Star Superman 


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Why God, why?

Why God, why?

September 27, 2017

Our Inaugural episode, sweet babies.  In this one, Patch is "interviewed" by his old friend and fellow podcaster, Troy Price, about why he's doing this show to begin with.  They discuss Patch's history with the church, organized religion, and churches.  Patch explains his desire to create a space where people with questions can listen to and connect with other ideas about God.

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