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The Gargoyle Code - Sample

The Gargoyle Code - Sample

March 6, 2019

The Gargoyle Code is a collection of email correspondence between Senior devil Slubgrip and trainee devil Dogwart. The letters instruct Dogwart how to tempt his young Catholic victim, err, I mean patient.

Meanwhile Slubgrip has to keep an eye on his own, elderly Catholic patient all the time watching his back because the other devils are plotting his downfall.

With a letter per day from Shrove Tuesday to Easter Monday, Gargoyle Code provides a hilarious and sobering journey through Lent for serious Catholics who are not always so serious.

Go to the podcast page on Fr Longenecker’s popular blog-website to learn more about listening to him read his Screwtape Letters-styled book for Lent. Go here to learn about the Gargoyle Code podcasts and book.
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