Dr. Michelle Live! 11/01/16 Addiction, Lying, And Your Brain

November 1, 2016
  • Brain Structure Changes You Need To Know About. ¬†
  • How You Lose The Ability to Feel. ¬†
  • Proverbs, Journal of Nature Neuroscience.¬†
  • Empathy:Do You Have it? ¬†Can You Grow It? What Destroys it? ¬† ¬†
  • A Woman Asks About Her Abusive Relationship. ¬†
  • Boy! If Your Angels Show You Who They Are, Believe Them.¬†
  • Amazing Grace. How to See It, Believe It And Use It. ¬†
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Dr Michelle Live! 10/25/2016 - It Hurts! “I thought I was over it!”

October 25, 2016

Today on Dr. Michelle Live!   When pain comes back.  What to do when it hits.  How to find your way when you feel your faith is gone.  Aren't you supposed to be feeling consolation? 

  • The answer is in a few choice words.¬†
  • Ezekiel Eat Moans and Groans and becomes a prophet.¬†
  • Teresa Of Avila, tells us we are right where we are meant to be. ¬†But what if it feels so wrong? ¬†
  • Our Blessed Mother sees the Jesus of His childhood as He carries His Cross.¬†
  • A divorced Mom of 3 says goodbye to her kids ¬†In a ball cap, a pair of Nike's and pain from the past .
  • Tips on distractions, when and how to use them. Is it okay to cry?
  • How coffee and a good long walk and help.¬†

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Original airdate: August 9, 2016


Dr. Michelle Live! 10/20/16 Still Stigmatizing: Mental Illness, Your Faith, And You.

October 20, 2016
  • Myths, Methods and Medications. ¬†
  • Misconceptions About Your Mental Disruptions and Illnesses. ¬†
  • Mental Health Professionals Examined.¬†
  • Getting Professional Help When You Need It And Enlisting Your Faith. ¬†
  • A Word From NAMI And FaithNet, PsychCentral, The Christian Post, Patheos, U.S. Catholic. ¬†Corrections, Fumbles, Experiences and Opinions All Make Their Way Today With Us As We Walk This Road Together.
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Dr. Michelle Live! 10/18/16 - Breaking Emotional Bonds: A High Price For A Brief High

October 18, 2016
  • ¬†A Case For Monogamy: 5 Reasons Why It is The Way To Be by Dr. Sue Johnson.
  • Trauma And Betrayal: One Couples Experience With "Going For Coffee".¬†
  • ¬†A Young Married Woman Is Infected With An Incurable STD.¬†¬†
  • Loving As St. Francis Loved, Praising As St. Francis of Assisi Praised.¬†
  • Brother Sun And Sister Moon.
  • A Mozart Moment.¬†
  • Cool Instruments Of Consolation Visited.
  • What It Really Means To "Seek To" Understand The One You Love.

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Dr. Michelle Live! 10/17/16

October 17, 2016

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Dr. Michelle Live! 10/14/16 Your Temperament Hacks

October 14, 2016
  • 4 Ancient Humors And How They Manifest Will Rock Your World And Your Relationships. ¬†
  • Dr. Michelle Discovers The Weirdest Christian Mystic And Her Amazing Take On Your Personality. ¬†¬†
  • Dr. Michelle Can't Help Herself Talking About Two Very Disturbing Trends.
  • ¬†Mozart Intervenes. ¬†
  • We Get A Word From¬†The Four Temperaments By Randy Rolfe, J.D., M.A
  • The New York Times And Marie Claire. ¬†
  • We Are Awed By Jesus, The Four Gospels, The Four Temperaments All Put Into One Very Cool Perspective.
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Dr. Michelle Live! 10/11/16 The Four Temperaments: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

October 11, 2016
  • Letting Your Child Pass Through Imbalance. ¬†
  • Arresting Development By Limiting Your Child's Personality. ¬†
  • How Love, Life And Spirit Benefit Richly From Understanding Temperaments.
  • Hippocrates, Aristotle, Malachi, Nehemiah, Jesus, Carl Jung and You. ¬†
  • Using the K.I.S.S. System to Reset Your Relationships.

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Dr. Michelle Live! 10/05/16 - When Unnatural Looks Natural

October 5, 2016


  • Hard subjects today as we explore this particular road today. ¬†
  • Elective cosmetic surgery of the Genitals, Breasts and Face is on the rise in Girls ages 13-18.¬†That means you are providing consent, approval and after care for your daughters.¬†
  • Labiaplasty is rising exponentially in teens.¬†
  • Unheard of until just recently, ¬†"buttock augmentation" is now commonly accepted and desired.¬†
  • Genital Mutilation in the name of self esteem and unattainable, fleeting pop-culture trends. ¬†
  • Today Dr. Michelle reviews current statistics, we read articles and set the stage for what you MUST know for the health and future well being of your daughters. As always it begins with you! ¬†
  • Dr. Michelle's Producer, Jennifer, weighs in: "Every time you do this subject it is disturbing."
  • Remembering that God created each of us in His image.¬†That means Power, Love and The Eternal. Catholics have a Strong, Powerful, Radical and completely Humble AND Self Assured role model in Mary. ¬†
  • BUT, no religious belief necessary for all parents to benefit by taking pause and reflect on your attitudes, words and actions as you view the statistics, and reflect on you, the parent, the culture and the future of your daughter's life.¬†

http://www.ourbodiesourselves.org/  #OBOSTaughtMe

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Labiaplasty and Buttock Augmentation Show Marked Increase in Popularity  

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Original Air Date: July 17, 2016


Dr. Michelle Live! 10/03/16 Sex, Monogamy, Relationships, Statistics, Primates, God And You

October 3, 2016
  • Dr. Michelle Wonders About A Missing Link In A Study Out Of Utah That Could Impact Your Marriage. Primate Practices And The Urban Girl. ¬†
  • Why Should Catholic Moms Care? ¬†
  • Self Will, Father Richard Rohr, King David, Psychology And Narcotics Anonymous. ¬†

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Dr. Michelle! 09/30/16 - New Ways to Find Love and more.

September 30, 2016

Today Dr. Michelle Let's You In On Personal Secrets

  • Fresh if Not Upside Down Notions on Living, Connecting The Disconnected And What To Do When You Find Yourself In a Pit. ¬†
  • She Rejoices In the Constantly Surprising Holy Spirit, And Reflects On What Happens When You Get Really Really Low. ¬†
  • Love, Family, Faith, Life, Death, Mental Health, Love And Unusual Relationships.¬†
  • Jason's Journey Update, Mozart Makes a Guest Appearance and A Sudden Inbox Appearance Brings Us A Profound Message.¬†
  • Jennifer's Birthday Is An Epic Win. ¬†
  • Grace, Connections And Cake Abound .
  • Jennifer Follows a Profound and Simple Lesson You Should Start Today! ¬†
  • And a New Word From Father Richard Rohr, Isaiah, Catherine LaCugna and Our Friends, The Hummingbirds Who Are Always Reminders of God's Ecstatic Love.¬†

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Dr. Michelle Live! 09/29/16 : An On The Move Save When You Dread The Inevitable Let Down

September 29, 2016
  • When Last Year's Disappointment Sets Our Producer Up For An Epic Fail This Year, She Discovers A Unique Solution, ¬†A Profound Relational Truth And Sets This Year Up To Succeed. ¬†
  • An Email, An Angel And A Warning. ¬†¬†
  • Dr. Michelle Challenges Our Expectations Of Others, And Ourselves. ¬†
  • Honoring Yourself Is a Godly Thing. ¬†
  • You And How To Stop Repeating Old Love Patterns.¬†
  • ¬†And Special Today! ¬†We Get To Walk With Archangels! ¬†
  • We Also Learn To Check Ourselves For Subtle Sabotage, ¬†
  • Learn How To ¬†Start Looking For Love In the Real Right Place,¬†
  • And Watch As One Brave Woman Turns a Birthday That Sucks Into A Shower of Gifts That Lives On and On. ¬†¬†
  • Archangels and Customer Service: What they have in common. ¬†

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Dr. Michelle Live! 09/28/16 Challenges Miracles, Desire, Relationships and Angels

September 28, 2016

" …If It Comes Slowly, Wait, For Come It Will, Without Fail."  - Habakkuk 2: 2-4. 

Today Dr. Michelle Challenges Miracles, Desire, Relationships and Angels. 
  • How We Define God Can Limit Us. ¬†Hanging On! It's a Must. ¬†¬†
  • Habakkuk¬†Comes To Your Suburb and Hands You a Journal. ¬†
  • Getting Help When You Need It. ¬†
  • A Brief Word On Suicide Prevention Week.
  • ¬†All Minds Matter. Take Them Seriously. ¬†
  • And We Get a Word From Peter, Luke And Rebecca Frankel.¬†

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Dr. Michelle Live! 09/27/16 Family, Loyalty, Trust, Love: Living in Not Talking it

September 27, 2016

Dr. Michelle Returns From Her Quiet Journey Into Life, Death, Love And Contrasts.  .  

  • Today She Walks With Us Through Family, Loyalty, Trust, Love: Living in Not Talking it. ¬†¬†
  • She Journeys With Us Through One Man's Awesome Reaction to ¬†Being "Sent Home With Hospice". ¬†We Travel Through Really, Really Small Town America: And It Ain't A Country Song. ¬†
  • War Dogs, ¬†Fellowship of The Rings, Job In His Journey, And Opening Your Eyes Under Water. ¬†
  • Life, Depression, Father Wounds, Mother Wounds¬†
  • What In The World Does "Denial" Really Look like? ¬†
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Dr. Michelle Live! 09/20/16 Stop the Worry; The Power of Kindness

September 20, 2016

Worry vs Concern: One Giveth, One Taketh Away. 

  • Turn unhealthy worry into healing concern.
  • Dr. Michelle tries the chair prayer.¬†
  • When you hit the skids, use this to get you back on track.
  • Thomas Merton, Mark Twain.¬†
  • Riding the Dragon Chapter 4: See Hidden Possibilities.
  • When failure and darkness are our teachers and end up bringing us joy.
  • How worry "glues us to our problems" and how seeing the real frees us from them.¬†

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Original Air Date: June 28, 2016


Dr. Michelle Live! 09/19/16 - An Easy Spiritual Exercise That Packs A Big Dose Of Healing Power

September 19, 2016
Today on Dr. Michelle Live!
  • Discover Blocks to Your Spiritual Path and How to Remove them.¬†
  • ¬†How Pop-Triggers Ignite Psychic Pain, Depression And Trauma and 3 Ways To Counterbalance Them. ¬†
  • Zen, Jesus, And A Rich Man in The Living Room Of Your Mind.
  • Psalms, Book of Matthew, Parables and Psychological Healing.
  • ¬†What You Will Learn From Strippers, Soldiers and The Will To Be Better. ¬†
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Original Air Date: June 27, 2016

Dr. Michelle Live 09/16/16 Conquer Depression

September 16, 2016

.Overcoming Your Wounds

.Opportunity Abounds In The Harshest Hour: It is God's Way
.New Perspectives On Old Habits: When Wounds Lead To A New And Better Life
.Soren Kierkegaard, Thomas Merton, Psalms that Rock, Robert Wicks, And A Very Awesome And Very Practical Priest
.Picking the Right Psalm for Depression
.Sadness vs Depression vs Spiritual Darkness: Which Came First? Does it Matter? And Why Not All The Above?
.We are All God's Chickens and He "Longs" To Gather Us ALL Under His Mother Hen Wings
.You Are The Only You That Ever Was And Ever Will Be. So It's Time To See Yourself As The Rare Treasure You Are!

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Original Airdate: June 30, 2016


Dr. Michelle Live! 09/15/16 #worry #hope #anxiety #compassion #mentalhealth

September 15, 2016
Follow Us Today On Dr. Michelle Live! as we walk the road to self compassion and self mercy.  
Best Ways To Stop Worrying And Start Living. Turning On The Power Within.  
  • The Year Of Mercy Includes You.¬†
  • Learn How To Counteract Worry And Turn On Effective Action. ¬†¬†
  • A Public Service Announcement Shows Us How.¬†
  • Jeremiah 29:11- Short, Sweet, Direct And Just For You!¬†
  • Dieting Tips That Work With A Bonus Of Helping Your Mental Health.¬†
  • How A Children's Game Can Teach you How to Stop Obsessing! ¬†

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Original Airdate: 06/29/16

Dr. Michelle Live! 09/13/16 - Feeling Like a Nobody

September 13, 2016

Original Air Date: 06/16/16

  • New Life Template: "10 Lessons For Inner Strength" from Author Robert Wicks' Book "Riding the Dragon". ¬†
  • Do You Ever Feel Like " No Man in the Middle of Nowhere"? ¬†
  • A Quote from Dr. Michelle's Son.¬†
  • What are Your Unrealistic Expectations?¬†
  • Pruning Away Your Burden of Unbalanced ¬†Giving.¬†
  • Peace As a Road To Mental Health.¬†
  • Well Being Is Our Right in "..Whatever Circumstances We are In".. but it is Our Choice. (CCC 306)
  • You Are Needed to Accomplish God's Plan. ¬†
  • Henri Nouwen, A Lady In a Super Market and The Sacred Heart of Jesus. ¬†

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Dr. Michelle Live! 09/12/16 - Caring for Those Touched by the Trauma of Separation and Divorce

September 12, 2016

Original Air Date: 08/19/16

.Fellow Travelers who are separated, divorcing, divorced, in trouble, know someone, anyone who is in a suffering or dissolved marriage-we all-learn how the Catholic Church addresses the indissolubility of marriage while offering wholeness, comfort and restoration to the dissolved!

.We also take a side trip to the land of not labeling your developing children by way of recognizing and embracing each child's uniqueness. 

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Dr. Michelle Live! 09/07/16 - How Do I Move Forward?

September 7, 2016
  • Jim LaPierre, Bruce Springsteen, Miranda Lambert, Stevie Nicks, Mother Teresa, Crux¬†
  • Unspeakable Pain As Life Blindsides You With Gut Shaking Tragedy. ¬†
  • Living, Dying, Depression, Hope, and Moving Forward.
  • ¬†All on Our Walk Today, Right Here On Dr. Michelle Live! ¬†¬†
573-4Bread4; dmlive@breadboxmedia.com

 "...and eventually, clarity

will allow you to see

that you Inspire countless others

simply because you go on…."  

                              -Jim LaPierre