A Seeking Heart featuring Karee Santos 4/29/16
Apr 29th,2016

On this Episode:

Author, Karee Santos - Four Keys to Everlasting Love  (Ave Maria Press)
  • Co-written with husband, Dr. Manuel Santos
  • Why this format - who would benefit from reading this book not only alone but with others
  • Foreword by Christopher West - and how they were influenced by his teaching on Pope John Paul II Theologoy of the Body (and what that is too!)
  • H.E.A.L. acronym - especially as it relates to infidelity
  • The detrimental effects of pornography on relationships - especially marriage
  • What are the 4 Keys to everlasting love? 
The communication skills and overall relationship advice are not only useful for engaged or married couples, but I saw how there were nuggets we can utilize in every relationship - kids, parents, friends.  An overall amazing book - that I think after tuning into this episode with Karee Santos - you will agree!! 

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