What engaged couples need to know about God, Marriage and Money

June 4, 2017

Podcast Summary for God, Marriage and Money

If you are engaged or a newlywed it’s very important to have conversations regarding your finances.   Finances are a topic that you will be dealing with daily.   Having that discussion on finances now will resolves those differences early in the relationship.

God, Marriage and Money will give you a detailed look at marital finances.   The book can be used as a tool. It will show you the true roll of money in a marriage. It will help you with any differences as it relates to money.  

Read Evelyn's Blog on God, Marriage and Money - http://compasscatholic.org/god-marriage-money/

You can order your hard copy or download your digital copy of the book here:   http://compasscatholic.org/book-store/. This small workbook has been designed to open the lines of communication about finances. Learn how to uncover those unanswered issues in your relationship that are related to money and possessions.

Another important book to read is Your Money Counts. An insight into what the Bible tells us are the best practices for handling money - http://compasscatholic.org/book-store/ .   You can now download your copy of Your Money Counts FREE…Click on the link in the book store of CompassCatholic.org.


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