Our Catholic Way Episode 37: Former Presbyterian and New Age Seeker Cari Donaldson

October 22, 2016

    Author and blogger Cari Donaldson is the first to tell you she didn't grasp Christianity when she was a kid. Sure she attended church each week and prayed to God, but the understanding of the Holy Spirit evaded her. 

    Believing that Jesus was a created being, like a human son, she branched out into the New Age movement in hopes of discovering the answers to all of life's tough questions. The quest for knowing the Creator lead her to Christ. Hear her tell her fascinating story of discovery on this week's edition of Our Catholic Way!

Brief Show Notes:
-- Cari is the author of Pope Awesome and Other Stories. You can find it on Amazon HERE.
-- Check out Cari's website HERE.
-- Find out more about the Catholic Charismatic Renewal HERE.
-- Share an example of how the Holy Spirit has worked in your life. Call 731-4-OURWAY. Will try to share comments during the next episode!