Blissed with Patch Drury - Episode 1 with Josh Nolan - How To Find Your Bliss - 12/4/17

December 5, 2017

Everybody longs for purpose and meaning! Everybody wants to know and follow their bliss! Your host Patch Drury interviews people from all walks of like, musicians, actors, chefs, artists - every one of them, following their bliss. Listen as Patch teases out the stories and philosophies that took them, from some cases, from boring office jobs to a life full of meaning and purpose. A life full of bliss!

This week Patch talks to Josh Nolan - Josh is a local Lexington, Kentucky musician. Hear Josh talk about his second album! Thrill as he recounts leaving a dead-end hosting job at Applebees! Gasp, mesmerized as he and Patch discuss whether following your bliss should be easy or not. Welcome to this inaugural episode of Blessed!

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