Blissed: The Podcast - Episode 4 - Disecting the Monomyth Part 1: Call To Adventure - How To Find Your Bliss

January 4, 2018

It's episode 4!  The first episode of 2018 and the first episode of a new six part series where we dissect the monomyth and give you concrete examples of how it can help you find and achieve your bliss! 

Our guest this week is really good looking.  And funny, so funny.  And talented.  Host Patch Drury interviews himself!  Wow,
very meta, so weird.  Patch talks about his own call to adventure and how it set him on the path to his bliss.  We also hear from his wife 
Sara and hear about her part in helping Patch hear the call.
This episode is brought to you by Sara Drury Local Looks - a servce that helps women find their confidence in make up, but, more importantly, themselves.
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