A Seeking Heart featuring Tracy Bua Smith 5/25/16 #Blogging #Cake and my #WeightWatchers update

May 25, 2016

On This Episode:

  • Catholic Blogger, Tracy Bua Smith:  A Slice of Smith Life
  • Is a faith story of someone who never waivers boring? 
  • Cake ... we talk about cake!!!  #enuffSaid
  • What made my eye twitch ? 
  • Ideas for following the Church (Liturgical) Calendar - fun way to celebrate each day
Tracy's Social Media contacts: 
Instagram: asliceofsmithlife 
Twitter: @TracyBuaSmith 
Pinterest: tracybuasmith (Tracy @ A Slice of Smith Life)

In the 2nd 1/2 of the show I catch you up on my Weight Watchers journey:

  • 6 weeks in ... 5 lbs down BUT ... that is not my REAL victory!
  • IT is all about the Non-scale Victories!!  Portion control; healthier choices; not feeling punished!
  • Do YOU Know my hidden talent? 
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