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A Seeking Heart featuring Sherry Boas

October 5, 2015

On this Episode Allison welcomes Caritas Press author, Sherry Boas:

  • Sneak peek into Billowtail - a SQUIRREL story!! that I will be featuring in 2016
  • Sherry unpacks each of the 5 Lily Books for us - incredible, thought-provoking must read novels
  • Each is told from the point of person that Lily, a woman with Down Syndrome, has touched  - spanning her lifespan and beyond.  The ripple effect of one life - is incredible.  Her fiction mimics life!
  • Adoption and Parenting (and loving to pieces) a child with special needs
  • Dignity of LIFE .. never a bad discussion to have!!
  • Sherry has provided me a renewed love for Fiction!! 
For more on upcoming books or past guests visit:  A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras 

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