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A Seeking Heart feat. Mary Lenaburg 08/12/15

August 12, 2015

Mary Lenaburg Passionate Perseverance -- what an incredible guest!!!  Her story will tug at your heart - and then her sense of humor will have you holding your side!!

ON this episode:
  • Mary introduced herself and her blog - which is really redundant as her blog is HER!! The ups the downs, the shoes and the Sunday attire, and so much more!!
  • In Segment 2 Mary shares the Story of being Courtney's Mom - which of course 12 minutes could barely do justice to! So here is, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest - or at least more of - the story
  • We discuss Saint Courtney and her specialty prayers for sewage, cars and bankruptcy!! Not going to lie, I may have gotten her right busy on 2 of those for me!! 
  • Find out how you can be a part of PROJECT BLESSED  ... and while on the site, please consider clicking on that little donate button at the bottom of the page to help the Lenaburg's pay off Courtney's medical bills
  •  We also managed to talk about the absolutely amazing Rosary Reflection book Mary contributed to - Rosaries Aren't JUST for Teething  ... visit Mary's blog to learn more!! 
What a special morning spent chatting with Mary Lenaburg -- really this is a MUST listen to and must share podcast with all your friends and family.  God is so good - it is always a blessing when the Holy Spirit reaches down from Heaven to remind us of that  - and He did that today in the form of a very funny - VERY real - lady named Mary.  Hmmm, I am sensing a pattern with Him here!!!