Episode 18: Roadtrip to the Promised Land

November 2, 2018

In this episode Andrew recaps a trip to his old stomping grounds in Columbia, MO to see Perry West and Fr. Reginald, covering college towns, a proper bookstore, a surprise hit coffee from Myanmar, the second best sushi he’s ever had, and good times had by all.  The, after a brief look at the books in his life currently, he rants on the current state of the political divide using  a topic in a debate between McKaskill and Hawley in MO to call for more conversation and a movement away from the fringes, with the obligatory plug for Catholic Social Teaching. Finally, Andrew does a deep dive muse on empathy, what it is, why we need it, its role in conversation and personal connection, its distinction from sympathy, and its relationship to humility, and so much more.


Episode 17: There’s No Place Like Home. (Actually, There’s a Lot of Places Like Home)

October 19, 2018

In this episode the death of a high school friend takes Andrew on a road trip back to his home town. Through reflecting on this trip he visits St. Genevieve and the studio of Ali Cavanaugh, takes a drive through his old stomping grounds, drinks some bad but coincidental coffee, sees some telling Trump signs, reflects on the idiocracy of the current political moment, bemoans the use of crosswalks, the tyranny of phones, and college students held up in their rooms, muses on The Night Watch and the nature of “live”, considering millennial parish trends, the nature of community, and so much more.


Episode 16: The Whaley Show

October 16, 2018
In this episode, after a chatty segment about Fall, homecoming, the new office, a shameless Calix plug, a robot chair, and the cat rejecting food and falling through holes, Andrew does a lengthy conversation with his friend Noelle Mering about her new article in The Federalist about the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and the weaponization of suffering, followed by a sincere and possibly ill-advised conversation attempt to look a the modern landscape of power, privilege, identity, activism, etc. She was brilliant. Andrew? Well....

Episode 15: The Whaley Show

October 5, 2018

In this episode: double culpa, travel shenanigans, SoCal bliss, keto fails, Thomas Fire, Shobefest, his happiest place in the universe, commentary on the Kavanaugh circus, $1.50 for air and the loss of service culture, 48, disappointing Indian Food, Chef’s Table, the loss of culture, killing chickens, college towns, a muse on the concept A Movable Feast, and so much more.


Episode 14: The Whaley Show

September 14, 2018

In this all chat and muse episode Andrew breaks his rule already about talking about the scandal, but covers fasting, cell death, weight loss, break-fast, being on fire, Santa Barbara Keto Crawl, Mom makes her own tea, Mr. Man gets attacked by inanimate objects, half a bowl of food = the apocalypse, Perception vs. reality, LSD, faculties and objects, The Abolition of Man, Matrix in the seminar, being loved as self disclosure, Fr. Jaques Phillipe, espousal vs. single, celibate vs. single, sonship identity, and prison sex and the scandal. 



Episode 13: The Whaley Show

September 7, 2018

In this episode: The Mom Report: Mom turns “41”, gets a shot, and eats a bunch of fried fish; 40lbs down, Calix blowing up, what happened to last week’s podcast, the early Church, it’s been worse, can’t do commentary on the darkness anymore, and shifting to beauty. Then, Andrew interviews Dr. Beau Braden about his attempt to build a small community hospital near Ave Maria, FL, the resistance from a larger hospital 45 miles away, saving lives with cell phones, caring for immigrants and one point of light, 92 babies born in 2017 in the back of an ambulance on the way to Naples, free activist marketing advice, Dr. Braden is overqualified, and links to send money and/or shame. Finally, Andrew bemoans his rusty interview skills, directs the angry mob, Learning in Wartime, battle questions, Mordor vs. the Shire, Keep Calm and Carry On, enemy occupied territory and the internal battle, the pecking order of value, encyclopedias, Guernica, 2002 and the echo chamber, Dead Poet’s Society, Israel and God’s hand vs. His face, searching the rubble, Rod Dreher and strength in distance, a place of fresh air. 




Episode 12: The Whaley Show

August 24, 2018

In this episode: cold and rainy is good, a very religious Sunday, visiting the Orthodox, forgotten seeds all sprouted, funerals as the memory of fire, campus ministry blowing up in here, big fat birthday shout out to Miley, recap and new rules for the drinking game, John Senior and the Restoration of Realism, guilt and reading, Is is, Augustine + Kerouac = Merton’s Seven Story Mountain, a muse of the good of being, going back to grad school, sex scandal and Trump fatigue, a rant on the politicization of everything, common sense before procedures, the Pope should have snapped way harder, the pendulum and survivor’s guilt, power vs. sex vs. homosexuality = false dichotomies, Bill Donahue is the Al Sharpton of Catholicism and is good at apologetics, but now is not the time, good priests and the Truth are why I’m still Catholic, and Catholic Stuff You Should Know is not to be missed this week, these are good priests and the future.


Episode 11: The Whaley Show

August 17, 2018

Chat: Mom's on Team Altra, going out, Ebb & Flow Fermentations, Dewayne Schaaf and being German as a superpower, Tanya’s fresh eyes, in praise of long country drives, American Grassfed Beef, Family Friendly Farm, back to being an almost college town, in praise of Fall, Chesterton and Pimlico, loving discontent, The One Thing You Really Need to Know, and getting the itch.  


Chat/Muse: Andrew embarks on a confusing and possibly ill advised discussion searching for a larger cause of what he sees as a increase in Southerness in the racial demographics, fashion, food, music, accents, and even wildlife of his area while he was in Denver. 


Rant: Andrew dives back into the sex abuse scandal, including: the horror is too horrible, addiction to the institution, looking up his abuser online and seeing his face, how his own silence and apologetics after 2002 was of the same motive as the bad bishops and most likely either sin or at least selfishness and addiction to ideology, covering your mother’s shame vs. her sickness, an embargo on the phrase “policies and precedures”, and the Left and Right using the crisis with a take down of both. 


Muse: obsessing over how to move forward, fear for his business, felix culpa, letting go of the baggage of Christendom, respect vs. clericalism, catholicity vs. institution, celibacy vs. marriage, truth vs. wonder, the 3 Es, the 3 Rs, and so much more. Final Rando Thoughts: The Japanese have a work for buying more books than you can read and male platypi are venomous. Chat. Rant. Muse.


Episode 10: The Whaley Show

August 10, 2018

In this episode, after an extended chatty travelogue about his trip to Denver including: feeling like a Hertz big shot, STAAAAHHHHGAAAZZZUUUUHHH, “goging”, a beautiful wedding for beautiful people, “chubbahockas”, digits, the Divine Liturgy, suuuuushiiiiii-ish, getting loved on, being surprised by getting to hang with his best friend Justin Schneir (drink.), and travel karma. Then, he addresses his last show, revisits married priests, affirms the celibate vocation, does the math on tithing, and explores the benefits of breathing with both lungs. Finally, in response to some advice given on a dance contest TV show, he explores how people listen and read through  lens of ideology by comparing the same advice from NeYo, Jordan Peterson, and Amy Cuddy on her TED talk, followed by an extended muse/rant on why people are drawn to Peterson, Trump in the rust belt, the alt right, reality as a clash of tribes, why vegans shape their food like meat, and so. much. more.


Episode 9: The Whaley Show

August 3, 2018

In this episode: travel mea culpas, Denver plans, priests as wingmen,Northeast Minneapolis reflections, Edith Stein, vocation and waiting, coffeehouse reports, Gamay in Burgundy, ethnic parishes, and a lot more. Then, Andrew talks about the current flare up of scandals in the Church, McCarrick, the new PA grand jury report, abuse in the Church, the tone deaf responses from bishops, and frustration over this all again. Finally, he kind of snaps, calls for collars and mitres to pulled from anyone who knew about any of this, calls for the burning and salting of seminaries that still have the culture that produced this stuff, shares publicly for the first time his own clerical abuse history, and makes a pitch for a married priesthood in the Roman Rite as a way to get an infusion of firm natural masculine character in the pulpit and at the alter.


Episode 8: The Whaley Show

July 20, 2018

In this episode: back on planes, getting swoll, a recipe for meta beef stock, didn’t blind trust of the intelligence community get us into Iraq?, the irony of guys in Che Guevara shirts protesting a rich white capitalist not taking a former KGB agent to task like Ronald Reagan did the USSR, Obama’s speech on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mandela, Obama vs. the shout down culture, Fox shout down culture, callout/shoutdown vs. wonder on FB, poop vs a kosher cafe, what happened to anti-Semitism, designer babies, Gattaca, mutant zombie baby army, Alexander the Great, mummies, The One, death metal sign language, vibration as hearing, reality over experience, the Great Electric Fish Fiasco of TAC, the value of the other if understanding is your goal, the necessity of doors that lock for hospitality to be meaningful,  a repeated call for a generous and orderly embrace of the refugee and the alien as a good to be welcomed, and so...much...more.


Episode 7: The Whaley Show

July 13, 2018

In this episode: 30 days on the diet, nightshades are shady, ugly vs. fat, a scandalous story of Andrew accidentally picking up a model in a bar, fashion advice for historical Steve Jobs, Mac purging as a spiritual discipline, being accosted by beauty with affection at Aldi and other public places, Facebook questions about toilet paper, climate’s effect on worldview, and the Jaques Maritain/Saul Alinksky correspondence, Thai soccer boys buried hidden in a cave are valuable and to be saved, Elon Musk is the awkward Tony Stark, Brett Kavanaugh is evidently a Catholic boy scout, babies hidden in wombs are not valuable and not to be saved evidently, NPR women don’t believe your really pro-life and they might be right, blinding flash of the obvious and CSD is the answer, a correction from last week, hacking StoryBrand for a before the brand soul searching process, website building as discernment, millennials are magic, distributed cognition, a crazy La Guardia coincidence story, God’s weird method of getting Andrew’s attention, St. Benedict poking Andrew, mathematics as metaphor, the Limit as the spiritual life, and On the Assignment of Impossible Tasks, and shout outs.


Episode 6: The Whaley Show

July 6, 2018

In this very Whaley episode with something offend or confuse everyone:  mea culpas for a week off, DNA and humidity, lemons as transporter/kick in the gut, Mom report = Mom is killing it, diet on track, massive shout out to Shrine Coffee, StoryBrand, Unrepeatable, narrative as a pattern, political rant with border babies, abortion, defending Trump by saying Obama did it, the last honest journalist at NPR, ICE, Obamas immigration record in contrast, Independence Day narrative rant with a reflection on America being wrong, but so was everyone, a short history of the world, and the beauty of the American Experiment, at least on paper, freedom and religion, what is freedom for, open borders being exploited gets you taken over and your culture supplanted- we did it- its called America. 


Finally, after a long aside…your story to sainthood, sucking air = a story for your sainthood, Thomas Merton, Aquinas, ideas in the mind of God, the search for self, functioning as designed = sainthood, recap of the structure of story, the hero’s journey, being aware of where you are in your story, awareness and frustration in desire, Disarming Beauty by Julian Carron, The Religious Sense, the awakening of desire, persons are stories, you are a story, evangelization as the crossing of stories, The Zone as metaphor for sainthood, finding Luke Skywalker and being Obi-Wan, outreach as an information gun. 


Episode 5: The Whaley Show

June 22, 2018

In this episode, after an update on keto, weight loss and hope, Missouri weather acclimation, The Long Cut,  Father’s Day grub getting, the joy of horseradish, annoying giggly girls, the new office, StoryBrand, Fr. Leo and Shoot the Shiitake, and a super huge birthday shout out to Hope Schneir, with epilogue on Catholics making good music, Andrew settles in for a good old fashioned rant, with moments of musing, but still ranting….”rant-musing?” in his usual frustrated, worked up, and non-linear way about the Border issue. Including…whether or not the last honest journalist out the door shut off the lights, on seeking reality and just telling the truth, CGI, blinding flashes of the obvious, just because it’s legal doesn’t make it moral, people are persons, you can make a tacky table out of a stuffed coyote, but you can’t make a table out of people, borders are legitimate, people have the right to migrate to feed their family, CSD taking people to the woodshed, don't build a wall,  build a wall, what kind of wall, could policy be a wall, Oculus Rift, cows, be generous, the need for sushi in MO and more tacos everywhere, The Teacher Formerly Known as The Farmer Formerly Known as Zack the Space Plumber, Adam Beach, Denver Faith and Culture Meeting, and Joe Marocco and his move to Mill City roaster. Something to make everyone cheer and something to tick everyone off. Boom!


Episode 4: The Whaley Show

June 14, 2018

In this episode: Altra running shoes revisited, meditations on keto, being fat and interventions, a family reunion, fights about Wal-mart, the little UN of Jay’s Crispy Chicken, on the killing of chickens, the Peloponnese in Southern MO and IL, the Civil War, a hack for automotive technology as a communication of human intention, Trump in Singapore and a recalling of predictions, Anthony Bourdain, suicide revisited, on being removed as the star of your film, longing and happiness, hog killing as community, Giussani and The Religious Sense, the baby washed up on the desert island revisited, Mr. Rogers, humanity and sanctity, insider stories about a normal saint, shoutouts, more things revisited, revisited revisited, and so- much- more.


Episode 3: The Whaley Show

June 7, 2018

In this episode Andrew talks about Spring making him homesick, traffic filled with retired farmers, the healing power of Pearl Jam, sushi-ish, a new discovery of the largest organ in our body, life as the hermeneutic, Charles DeKonnick, teleology, a magic abortion video, what it means to be an Irish Catholic and what that has to do with where you get married, Big Chicken, hunter/gatherer savings accounts, weird running shoes, Austrian coincidences, near misses, Kate Spade, his bad Tuesday and history with depression/anxiety, a mass intervention, shout outs, and so much much more.


Episode 2: The Whaley Show

May 31, 2018

In this episode a tired and very non-linear Andrew covers the difficulty of numbering during an epic time shift, the new iTunes feed, being ripped out of being a selfish bachelor and into making another first, braving the bra section at JC Penny, The Grateful Dead, a strange and arresting encounter with some deer, attention as a super power, Dr. Blum imitating an analog rhythm in a digital communication, Ireland breaking his heart, a brilliant piece by John Waters, and an incredible article about bums by the lovely and talented Noelle Mering. 







Episode 1: The Whaley Show

May 24, 2018

In this episode, Andrew limps and trips through his rusty yet triumphant return to the world of podcasting with his newly rebranded show.  He covers where he’s been, where he is, his mom’s BFS (Big Fat Stroke), The Royal Wedding, liturgy and fashion, homiletics and Mad Libs, the Trinity, deification, Troy:The Fall of a City, Facebook questions and shout outs, and so much more.