Episode 304- An Uneasy Weekend, Violence and Numbness, Video Games and Porn in The Cave Under the Cave, and Palms As Reality

April 11, 2017
In this early morning episode a tired and somewhat punchy Andrew, after the recap of an uneasy weekend, a random scripture meditation on digging, TACers at mass, messing with Duckie about music, a dude watching Youtube on speaker while Andrew tries to eat epic brisket, and FrOLo from HoProMoGo rocks a Theology on Tap. Then, he turns to several sides of the Syria strike and declares “Socratic wisdom” on it, since he knows nothing and knows that he knows nothing. After a bit more political commentary, Andrew returns to his rumination and how shocked his at how not shocked he is and how little he is moved by the bombings in Coptic Churches in Egypt over the weekend and considers whether media is killing our/his reaction. Finally, after an exploration of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Andrew comes to a blinding flash of the obvious that what Plato was using as a metaphor for our relationship to the world of sense experience is our reality now. We in modern society are collectively epitomized by the teenage boy, underground, in the dark, staring at a screen, confusing video games or porn for real life, and in need of being pulled up and into the light…just to get back to the “Cave” Plato is talking about!! He ends with a quick reflection on Palm Sunday and that how those same people that greeted Jesus as a king with the palms were the same people yelling for him to be killed, and that we do the exact same thing all the time. 

Episode 301- Calix on the Road, Shout Out to Sharon, Idealizing Long Drives and Small Towns, and Bishop Conley and the Grateful Dead.

April 3, 2017

In this episode, a tired and road weary Andrew posts up in what ends up being a slightly sketchy park in Topeka, KS to recap his trip to the Symposium on Advancing the New Evangelization, and while focusing on not getting mugged discusses hard lessons about SD cards, how much he loved Sharon from Frisco, TX’s email, how he idealizes things but then doesn’t actually like them, long drives, small towns, big chains, McDonalds, Daisy Chain Atlantic, owning a coffeehouse, eating gas station chicken livers like his spirit animal Anthony Bourdain, AI peeps out of context, shout out to the Logans, 8th Day Institute, Rod Dreher, The Benedict Option, Patrick Deneen, David Schindler, 30,000ft context, what have lost and don’t know we lost, how he was largely wrong about the Benedict Option, how Zach is a Space Plumber, and talking to Bishop Conley about the Grateful Dead. 

Episode 300- 300!!, Michael Miley of Rival Sons, and the Introduction of Ringr to the Show

March 29, 2017

In this landmark 300th episode, Andrew sits down digitally with his friend Michael Miley, drummer of the band Rival Sons, via the new tool for interviews at Ringr.com. Ringr opens a whole new world of distance interviews for Andrew, since he’s an tech moron and could never figure out the Skype hacks. Watch for way more interviews with super interesting people from inside and outside the Catholic world. In this conversation Andrew and Michael talk about the weather in Ventura County, Rival Sons new major label record deal, the new Rival Sons tour event Teatro Fiasco, our true vocation, utilitarianism, Karol Wojtyla, Viktor Frankl, and so much more. 

Episode 299- Chris Stefanick Offers Big Hairy Penance

March 28, 2017
In this episode Andrew hangs at the house of his friend and Catholic speaker Chris Stefanick with his kids for a raucous episode in which they interview barbarian teenagers about their Lenten practice, get spiritual insight from little girls, witness a cat being put on a chandalier to catch a fly, and Chris let's his 14 year old daughter pour hot wax on his back and rip it off. Finally, Chris talks about the new season of Real Life Catholic coming to EWTN and Netfilx soon.


Episode 298- Being Numb to Terror, Bricking the Precious Part II, and a Giant Place Filled With Air from an Airplane and Florescent Light but No Free Scotch or Blackjack.

March 23, 2017

In this episode, after a rumination on becoming callous to seeing terror on screens,  a tired, kicked, and beaten Andrew tells a late night saga of his day involving coffee, a Grace tune-up, burnt ends, meat candy, a broken and unresponsive iPhone, the universe laughing at his phone-based contingencies, ironic nomophobia, getting kicked by Verizon, being kicked while he was down by Google while down in Verizon, a trip to the mall, malls as casinos without the pure oxygen but with airplane air and no free scotch, being kicked while he was down in mall by Apple, an attempt at phoneless work, a second trip to the mall, being kicked by Apple again, brisket and the momentary solace of REM at Whole Foods, malls from his youth full of new games, cute girls, and dudes who looked like Duran Duran, Agua Preta Brazilian coffee, two Arabic dudes yelling at each to be heard over the music in their ear buds coupled with terror tension, a super loud phone talking guy sits right next to him in an empty cafe courtyard, a third…trip…. to the mall, 4 strikes at trying to buy a Santa Cruz hat, $138, a new screen on the iPhone, more information that he’s ever heard about Raider football, a scary and comforting story about a study on our brains, and………a shout out to Michael Miley. Boom!!

Episode 297- Welcoming Lennon, Weekend Recap, Trans Hope and Mom Jeans, and Verification by the Well

March 22, 2017

In this episode Andrew welcomes his new producer Lennon, while bemoaning the loss of his nerdy producer Jennifer, then proceeds with sinus headaches, organic urbanism, Benedictine monasteries as schools of hospitality, The Benedict Option, corned beef canon shenanigans, didgeridoo, putting a cheap bed together and feeling like building a frontier cabin, cleaning his room, adulating like a boss, revisiting a breakdown, St. Jospeh’s feast, reflections on alcohol and numbness of heart,  a lesson in spin, a trans person growing allergic to reduction, low rise vs. mom jeans, picking up chicks at wells in the OT, Ba’al worship, verification, encounter, and soooooo much more. 

The Counter Position Episode 296- Whaley is Irish, Jennifer is Moving on to Catch Other Pokemon, and a Conversation with Jon Ervin

March 17, 2017

In this episode, after a establishing himself as throughly Irish all year long, Andrew says good-bye to his long time producer Jennifer Longworth as she packs up her Pokemon and Star Trek uniform and leaves Breadbox Media for other media pursuits. Then, Andrew sits down with his friend Jon Ervin to talk about how much better the Cardinals are than the Cubs, growing up in a small town, legal drinks, college conversions, FOCUS, the “smell of money” (it’s not what you think), tubing in TX, having Jesus down the hall, and so much more. 

The Counter Position Episode 295- Weary From the Battle, It Was Totally Aliens, Heirloom Tomatoes vs. The Matrix, and Places of Presence

March 16, 2017

In this episode a weary and still recovering Andrew, recording from a cool new booth, explores being haunted by one sided conversations, reading on the front porch, real conversation with the guy next door, reminiscing about what cafes used to be like in the stone age of the 90s, scientists who have found order in DNA and are claiming it is alien, revisiting Elon Musk on the us living in a simulation and how he’s not allowed to bring it up to his brother in the hot tub, Kimbal Musk’s new project The Kitchen and the attempt to bring real food to the masses, rescuing factory farms one acre at a time, what flying into SBA, oxygen masks, truck stops, and coffeehouses have in common, and a muse on what it would look like if our churches were real places, with real people, actually present to God and each other. 

The Counter Position Episode 294- Sick Ramblings, Corned Beef and the Divine Localism, and Musings on Wellness

March 15, 2017

In this episode a sick but recovering Andrew does a freewheeling episode on sickness, NyQuil, sinus medicine vs. meth heads,a commercial for chicken stock,  corned beef, his “erotic” relationship to meat, St. Paddy’s Day, Irish immigrants, diocesan borders, the Divine localism, subsidiarity, John Senior, parishes as geographic reality, parish bells, The Angelus, how CL does the Angelus, wellness vs. not sick, snowstorms, the forceful impingement of the primacy of nature, stress, porn, fish’s relationship to water, Gary Wilson, cavemen in tennis shoes, and so so much more. 

The Counter Position Episode 293- Coffee vs. The Sushi Coma, Nap Hacks, Day-pesh Moe-Edd!!, Emojis as Esperanto or Cave Paintings, and Homogenous Cafes Are Boring

March 10, 2017

In this episode a sushi-coma-fied and over caffeinated Andrew talks about sushi, Indonesian waiters, Catholic News Agency peeps, being betrayed by babies, the challenges of not drinking on single Catholic social life, the British espresso nap, the reboot shower, liturgical imagination, ENFPs vs ISTJ in prayer, Stations of the Cross, Depeche Mode vs the Alt Right, Unlimited Data vs Wifi, the bots in your Twitter feed, trying to learn to use emojis, Esperanto, Werner Herzog, The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Lo and Behold, universal emotional states, a queer cafe on Kickstarter, the Third Place, Goths in Ventura, what is means to be welcome or safe, and…..he threatens to put tin foil in the ceiling of his cafe so people can talk again!

The Counter PositionEpisode 292- Giving Up Giving Up For Lent, You Can’t Believe Your Digital Eyes, and Freedom on the Boat

March 9, 2017

In this episode, after a chatty segment including Spring springing, a Lent update, how he has given up reacting to one small slip in his Lenten practice and just quitting like he used to, how Mark from Over the Counter lost his voice, and an apology over skipping a couple days of shows, a cheery but tired Andrew gets sidetracked on what was supposed to be a passing point on his outline and explores the ramifications of Wikileaks, the problems with digital attribution, the loss of belief in our senses, what this all has to do with Trump, how the RNC is a dog who caught up with the car they were chasing and don’t know what to do with it, and much much more political musing and ranting, despite his intentions for the show. Finally, spurred by a recent conversation, Andrew delves into a couple of insight from a talk by RR Reno and David Brooks about life, decisions, freedom, limits, and how to figure out what to do with your life. This show had a mind of its own evidently.