Setting the Record Straight - The Marijuana Hoax Is Winning - 2/16/19

February 16, 2019

We are going to pot ! Many say that it is nobody else’s business what we put into our bodies. Yet if our bodies are Temples of the Holy Spirit isn’t it God’s business. Then how can we be rushing to legalize marijuana while ignoring a large body of evidence describing the dangerous and pathological effects of the use of pot on the individual, our culture, and our society. Listen to this summary of the findings of peer-reviewed studies of the actual effects of marijuana.  Let us join together and swim against the tide. Medical marijuana? It a hoax. We have had Marinol for decades.


Setting the Record Straight - Two Intriguing Questions Answered - 2/9/19

February 9, 2019

Question one: The Last Pope ? Is Pope Francis the last Pope as prophesied by a great Catholic saint? Question two: The famous Saint Michael the Archangel prayer has a mystical origin. Why don’t Catholics pray using the quite different words of original version ?


Setting the Record Straight - The Culture Wars And Who Wins - 2/6/19

February 6, 2019

Covington Catholic student Nick Sandman is standing on the front line of a 2000 year old  Culture War. The battle line has often been fought when aggressive secular entities have attacked Catholics and Catholicism. Or when secular governments seize control of religious organizations and schools. We must take care.  Listen to this story of the Kulturkampf (Culture War) that started small then  erupted in Germany under Otto von Bismarck and eventually led to the rise of Hitler.


Setting the Record Straight - Muslim Abuse Of Catholic Women In Islamic Spain - 1/28/19

January 28, 2019

There is little awareness today about the sadistic treatment of Catholics women and men  during the centuries of Islamic occupation of the Iberian Peninsula before 1492. Instead of the truth our academics teach our children the British anti-Catholic propaganda known as “The Black Legend” in which the glorious record of Catholics and their Church is omitted and any opposing force, even cruel Muslim domination, is falsely praised. The truth is that Catholics were enslaved. Boys to be lifelong soldiers.  Catholic  women were the preferred sexual slaves of wealthy Muslims, some had thousands of them in their harems. 


Setting the Record Straight - Muslim’s Abuse of Catholics in Medieval Spain - 1/22/19

January 22, 2019

More Fake History to make straight. The history of Spain and France under Muslim rule from 711 to 1492 AD has been widely misrepresented. The version we are taught in the USA is simply false, little better than British war propaganda, reflecting a heavily anti-Catholic and pro-Islamic prejudice. The suppressed truth is that the Muslim occupation was an era of cruelty and intolerance in which Catholics were viewed as inferior subjects, called dhimmis, who were required to support non-taxpaying Muslims by paying a Jizya, a special tax collected in a manner designed to humiliate Catholics. There is worse to tell. Catholics were left alive only if they were useful to the Muslims. Multitudes of Catholic women were made useful as sexual slaves.


Setting the Record Straight - Defending the Authenticity of The True Cross - 1/16/19

January 16, 2019

Uncomfortable truths such as the almost certain validity of that greatest of all relics the True Cross Of Christ are often ignored because they just cannot fit into the mind sets of those that reject Catholicism. Non-Catholics sometimes get mental indigestion when they hear the amazing stories describing how carefully preserved and documented are Catholic relics of every type. Calvin ridiculed the Catholics who claimed to have of relics of The True Cross. Much as he ridiculed other more important parts the Catholic Church inheritance from Christ. Listen to hear how Calvin’s careless opinion was exposed as ridiculous itself.


Setting the Record Straight - The War On Catholicism In Mexico and Spain - 1/6/19

January 6, 2019

Whatever you call it, it is basically the same philosophy. Atheist and secular historians try to disguise it by changing its name so people can be talked into  implementing it again. Maybe in the USA. It has been called  Marxism, Communism, Progressivism, and/or Trotskyism. It always produces a cruel inhuman catastrophe yet its intellectually elite  proponents think that maybe it was not implemented correctly the last time. Let give it another try they say and let me run it this time.


    It is the flawed totalitarian philosophy that animated the brutal suppression of Catholicism in Mexico and Spain. Is it an experiment in secular government or atheist government or it is actually an intolerant religion in its own right? You decide.


Setting the Record Straight - Tamed By Tango - 1/2/19

January 2, 2019

How deep are the roots of the urge to Tango? Far deeper than you might suspect. Tango draws upon both our sensual and spiritual natures.  When we Tango our sensual passions and spiritual passions join and hover in a refined balance.  Our bodies and souls embrace and dance.  But what does Tango have to do with Catholicism? Well...everything. Ask Pope Francis who sometimes used Tango in his Masses in Argentina. The thoroughly Catholic Culture of Montevideo and Buenos Aires gave birth to this music and dance. And the end of this podcast you will hear a little story about two Altar Boys and the Tango.


Setting the Record Striahgt - Small Thoughts about Christmas

December 24, 2018

Everyone says that Christmas trees had formerly been a pagan practice? Actually German Catholics created the custom about only three hundred years ago. Christmas itself was made a holiday by Catholics in 325AD.  Did Christmas used to be illegal because it was Catholic?  Yes, for centuries the British culture persecuted those who observed Christmas customs as Papists. This continued even in the USA. The War on Christmas is more than four centuries old and was far worse in the past. The ongoing secularization of the holiday (Holy Day!!) has made Christmas more acceptable today. Survey the Christmas cards for sale. Reindeer and Nutcrackers abound, but the Christ Child cannot be found.


Setting the Record Straight - My Christmas Gift to you - 12/15/18

December 15, 2018

Change of pace. This is a Christmas-time sharing  of thoughts music, and stories from Chuck Coughlin to the treasurable listeners of  Want a Christmas spirit recharge? Try Chuck’s Catholic Christmas story, “Cow Music.”.


Setting the Record Straight - Wayfarer - a Christmas Story - 12/8/18

December 10, 2018

“Wayfarer”. The word literally means someone who travels on foot. Listen to a Christmas story about a mischievous young man who is expelled from Berea college in Kentucky during the Christmas break. He sets out on foot. It is snowing. His life is shattered. He is ashamed, miserable, and not sure where to go. His wandering takes him to a place where he finds the broken  is now unbroken.


Setting the Record Straight - Colonial America’s Abuse of Catholics - 12/1/18

December 1, 2018

This is our uncomfortable and ignored history. In the British Colonial Empire there was widespread abuse of Catholics. This commonly  included slavery, ethnic and religious cleansing, and even the kidnapping of young Irish Catholic girls to “provide solace for slaveholders”. Incredibly most of the immigrants to the thirteen colonies in the 17th century were white Irish slaves. This widespread abuse in the colonies of Catholics because they were Catholics by the British Theocracy continued for centuries. In the French Canadian colonies an entire population of free Catholics were deported on crowded ships and suffered a 60% mortality rate. Many of the surviving were sold into slavery. Christmas was declared “too Papist” and declared illegal for centuries. Why don’t we recall all this. Perhaps it became impolite to speak of it until now.


Setting the Record Straight - Giving Gratitude - 11/24/18

November 24, 2018

You may not look like a child anymore, yet there is still a child hiding inside you. Listen with that  child to these brief and poignant Thanksgiving stories. You will find that the people in all of these stories find reasons to be grateful to God. The first few are children’s tales, the last two are for all ages.


Setting the Record Straight - Mozart A Devout Catholic? It Fits. - 11/17/18

November 17, 2018

Have you ever listened to Mozart? Not the music but what he said in his many letters. Just listen to him! “I have always had God before my eyes!”  And this. "If you thought how lucky were those who received the Eucharist, and at the communion the music spoke in quiet joy from the hearts of those kneeling there . Benedictus qui venit…”.  When he set the words of the Mass to music, he wrote,”…it comes to you and moves your soul!”


Setting the Record Straight - The Gaucho Priest, The Pope and the Tango - Part Two - 11/11/18

November 12, 2018

The Tango is a dance born from a Catholic sensibility, a balancing of desire against order. It was created in the La Plata region of South America. The Tango was born out of the cultural mix of the Gaucho’s European origins, the Catholic theology of the body, the artistic ferment in the societies of Buenas Aires and Montevideo, and Christendom’s creation of the romantic partnered dance.  All this arose upon the ruins of the New World’s most advanced and literate mission culture, that of the brilliant Guarani tribes that was developed under the nurturing of Jesuits before being destroyed by invasions of slavers.


Setting the Record Straight - The Gaucho Priest, The Pope, and The Tango - Part One - 11/10/18

November 10, 2018

Gauchito Gil is famous. Who is Gauchito Gil? Shrines to his honor and stories of his miracles are all over Argentina. Is he a saint? Well, sort of.  However just a few weeks ago Pope Francis did cannonize an Argentinian saint, a man known as The Gaucho Priest. What does the Tango have to do with all this…and with Catholicism?  Find out in Part One and Two of “The Gaucho Priest,The Pope, and The Tango”.


Setting the Record Straight - The Failure of Liberation Theology - 10/27/18

October 27, 2018

In the 1950s and the 1960s liberation theology was practiced throughout Latin American and beyond. What happened? Saint Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI happened ! Listen to their powerful words spoken as they dismantled Liberation Theology. The Church experienced a reformation once again


    Liberation theology was is (or was) a synthesis of Catholic Theology and Marxist  socio-economic philosophy that emphasizes  concern for the poor and the political liberation for oppressed classes. That may sound attractive but the problem was  that its practitioners emphasized the  "Preferential option for the poor" over the true mission of the Church which is the more encompassing liberation of mankind’s fallen nature, from sin, though the sacraments.


Setting the Record Straight - The Wanderin’ Wafayin’ Archives - 10/20/18

October 21, 2018

Charming tales of the early Church can be gleaned from what is left of the Secret Archives of the Vatican. The precious Archives were under constant danger of being stolen or sacked. Some times the Popes had to flee with them on a mule train as is told in the extant “Book Of Mules and Other Conveniences For The Trip Of Paul III To Other Places”. Along the way Chuck relates the story of “Saint Francis and The Wolf of Gubbio”. 


Setting the Record Straight - Halloween Was Illegal When It Was Catholic - 10/13/18

October 14, 2018

Halloween is Catholic. Halloween was instituted by the Catholic Church despite the popular mis-historical theories of its origin.  Halloween is a slang word for All Hallows Eve. In other words Halloween is the Vigil of All Saints Day, a very ancient Catholic Holy Day that originally honored Catholic Martyrs.  In recent centuries our Halloween rituals have become debased by a secular overlay of horror movies and a tradition of destructive behavior. This podcast sets the record straight and concludes with a suggestion of how our parishes might revive the authentic devotional heart of Halloween.