Forte Catholic Ep 87-Matt Nelson & the collision of the Holy Spirit and the Avengers

June 15, 2018

Lots of laughs in this week's episode as we have a surprise guest co-host(even a surprise to Taylor!) We kick off the show with not one but TWO Forte Five countdowns of Taylor and the mysterious co-hosts' favorite Holy Spirit songs.

In the second segment, Taylor continues his beef with Canada through this week's guest Matt Nelson. But primarily, the conversation is about the role indifference plays in the faith(or lack there of it) in people's lives. He explores this in depth in his new book "Just Whatever." ...but we also try to convince him to move to Texas and away from "Canadia"...and it just might work!

In the final segment, we explore the term "forgotten God" in regards to the Holy Spirit and compare our view of the Holy Spirit to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, "The Avengers."

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Forte Catholic Ep 86-Pam Marvin on Root Sin, Google Feud game & the importance of relationships

June 8, 2018

Taylor had a busy week so we cram a lot of great stuff into this episode from a recent ordination he attended, speaking at a senior's day retreat, attending one of producer Sam's talks and learning a new game called "Google Feud." We cover it in the episode! It is a blend of cool Catholic truth & insight balanced with stupid games and laughter.

We are also joined by everyone's favorite "second mom" Pam Marvin. She talks about her work with "root sin", what the term means and how recognizing our areas of struggle can help us in our search for holiness and healing.

Sneak Peek...
Ordination=long and awesome!
Seniors day retreat=the older people surprisingly don't hate Taylor
Google Feud=wth!
Relational Ministry=Taylor's ridiculous notes during producer Sam's talk



Forte Catholic Ep 85-Karlo Broussard, Forte Five, overcoming obstacles, saints & basketball

June 1, 2018

Taylor and Producer Sam are back from retreat and have a lot to share!
In the first segment, we ask how saints hear our prayers and do the Forte Five countdown(for the first time in forever!) on the top 5 things Taylor took away from the retreat.

In the second, we are rejoined by one of our favorite guests, Karlo Broussard. He yells silly things and then talks about the best ways to overcome obstacles in sharing the faith. For more from Karlo, check out his book "Prepare the Way" from Catholic Answers.

In the final segment, I talk about my first love of basketball and a spiritual breakthrough I had while playing the game a few days ago.

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Forte Catholic Ep 83-Guest Joe Sikorra, Taylor sharing traveling stories & a Twitter Mass debate

May 18, 2018

Taylor is back from his trip to Sioux City, IA for a couple of speaking events and he has stories :) Usually, his "Spiritual Warfare" talk is pretty serious but this group of students made it an absolute blast! In this show, we go through the talk through the eyes of the young lady who took hilarious notes throughout the evening.

We also discuss a recent twitter debate to end a Mass controversy.

In the second segment, I was honored to be joined by Joe Sikorra. His biography alone is impressive...definitely vying for the title of "Most Interesting Man in the World." He shares his moving story of how his family found joy after their hopes and dreams were shattered by the rare, fatal neurological illness of their two sons. What initially seemed to be a tragedy for Joe’s family became a story of human triumph, an outcome made possible by the compassion and mercy of God.



Forte Catholic Ep 82-Fr. Jared Cooke Co-hosts as we talk confession, priesthood, ambition & more

May 10, 2018

WHAT!?!? It finally happened! After months of publicly calling out my favorite baby priest, Fr. Jared Cooke finally came on the show! He's the Matt Damon to my Jimmy Kimmel.

We talked highlights from his first year as a priest, confession, who's holier, ambition, & went toe to toe in a trivia game.

We almost lost our voices from laughing so hard. Tune in for this extra special episode of Forte Catholic!



Forte Catholic Ep 81-Paul George on finding happiness, crazy Acts stories & Catholic guilt

May 10, 2018

Speaker, author, podcaster and man who changed Taylor's life, Paul George joins the show this week to talk about how we all want to be happy and how to find true happiness. Check out his work at

Segment 1 has a fun diversion into a conversion on friendship but centers on two crazy stories from Acts, one of which gives Taylor hope for sainthood(crazy right?!?!)

In the final segment, Taylor has a convo with producer Sam and Catholic Guilt, shame and how to get out of it.

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Forte Catholic Ep 80-Trent Horn on #FakeNews about the saints. Topics: Marriage, service & bad puns

May 10, 2018

This week, producer Sam picks from a plethora of topics! She chose marriage and that is what we talked about!

We are also joined by regular guest Trent Horn as he sets the record straight on #FakeNews about the saints! We go through some common sayings attributed to saints or the Bible that aren't actually real. For more on the topic, check out his newest book "What the Saints Never Said: Pious Misquotes and the Subtle Heresies They Teach You."

Next week, YOU decide the topic! Leave a comment in an iTunes review of which of the following topics you would like to hear about next or let Taylor know on social media

Topic ideas:
-Crazy stories from the book of Acts
-Taylor thinking about other religions
-Taking risks
-Producer Sam on Guilt/Shame
-(Insert your topic here)

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Forte Catholic Ep 79-Everett Fritz, Spiderman & Purgatory

April 26, 2018

Fun show this week as we(finally!) get to the segment on one of the best clips from Spiderman: Homecoming. We will see how eerily similar this clip is to Taylor's spiritual life, and most likely yours as well.

Then Everett Fritz rejoins the show to discuss the release of his new book "The Art of Forming Intentional Disciples." But first, Taylor teaches him how to open a radio segment(hilarity ensued.) We talk practicals of how to actually get started with discipleship in your parish.

Then Taylor planned on talking about marriage but instead tells his favorite Purgatory joke instead and runs out of time. Totally worth it!



Forte Catholic Ep 78-Guests Daniel Glaze from “That Catholic Couple” & Katie Hartfiel

April 19, 2018

We kicked off this week's show in interesting fashion(hint: Taylor lost his voice). So producer Sam helped him along in the first segment in a discussion of the story of doubting Thomas, the power of art and how Taylor is looking at the story completely differently now.

We also have two big time guests this week!

In the second segment, we are joined by Katie Hartfiel, a popular speaker and author and one of Taylor's newest friends. She shares the powerful story of how her and her husband met and fell in love. Everyone in the studio got goosebumps when we heard it because of how it exemplifies the power of prayer. If you like the story, you can hear more in her book "Woman in Love" or buy it for a friend. She also shares about another book she just released on the Marian consecration prayer called "Totus Tuus"

In the final segment, we are joined by Daniel Glaze from "That Catholic Couple," one of the leading Catholic YouTube channels. We talked about how they got started, the greatest moments in the show's history, donuts, him losing to his wife in #MinistryMadness and how they deal with haters.