Forte Catholic Ep 113-Controversial Topics w/Leila Miller, finding a home in the Church & NCCYM

December 14, 2018

Taylor has returned from the National Catholic Conference of Youth Ministry with stories & insights, including a Mass Text segment(without the intro...whoops). We decide which homily is better between Taylor's, a 6'8" Bishop's & co-host Fr. Jared's.

In the second segment, we are joined by Leila Miller, co-author of "Made This Way: How To Prepare Kids To Face Today’s Tough Moral Issues." In this book, she and Trent Horn team up to cover how to guide our children to Heaven in today's culture, especially how to answer tough questions about sex outside of marriage, modesty, homosexuality and more.

To close out the show, Taylor and Fr. Jared discuss finding a home in a broken Church through the lyrics of Hillsong's latest hit "Who You Say I Am."

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Forte Catholic Ep 112-Finding rest in the season of hustle & bustle. Seminarian life w/Travis Crotty

December 7, 2018

Taylor is joined by Shaun McAfee to kick off the Advent season with ample reminders to slow down and find rest in God. Taylor shares from one of the weirdest weeks he's had in a while that led into Advent. From travel, to being pulled over, to tech difficulties, to being a guest on an atheist's podcast, it was an interesting one for sure. And there's an Advent connection to all of it!

In the second segment, seminarian Travis Crotty joins the show to share what "A Day in the life of a Seminarian" is like to give us a behind the scenes look into preparation for the priesthood. He shares particularly about the media fast he took and its implications for us this Advent season.

In the final segment, we chat about what we are doing for Advent & how it is one of our favorite seasons to draw us back into the life of Christ.

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Forte Catholic Ep 111-Using half a brain, Drinking w/St. Nick by Michael Foley & Free Speech Booths

November 30, 2018

Fr. Anthony Sciarappa cohosts as we start the show talking about not only using half your brain but instead using all God(and yo mama) gave you! Padre's quote at the end of the segment is worth more than gold lol.

In the second segment, we're joined by Michael Foley to discuss the connection between preparing for Christmas and drinking a a Catholic way! It's perfect!

And in the final segment, Taylor rants about his "free speech booth" encounter and the guys discuss encouragement and end the show by being nice to each other. Twas' quite odd.

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Forte Catholic Ep 110-Chris Stefanick! Pride comes before the fall & everyone roasting everyone!

November 23, 2018

Taylor returns from a trip to St. Louis for the National Youth Workers Convention with content for daeaaaays & a HUGE guest in Chris Stefanick!

Chris, the internationally acclaimed author and speaker, shares about his new book "I Am ___; Rewrite Your Name, Reroute Your Life." This book is all about seeing yourself as God sees you, infusing our inner monologues with Scripture & understanding how our words and identity are extremely powerful in how we interact with the Lord and others.

Shaun McAfee co-hosts and guest producer Thaddeus Romansky provide witty banter and insightful feedback(they're much smarter than Taylor) throughout the first and third segments. We talk pride, humility, the reason Satan fell and what it means for our mission in life. We also chat about Taylor's visit to the BEAUTIFUL Cathedral in St. Louis, his experience there & how it compared/contrasted with the worship experience at the conference. It got into some pretty insane back and forth where all three seem to just roast each other for half a segment. It was a beautiful experience and we hope you enjoying it as much as we did!



Forte Catholic Ep 109-Coolest Monk Ever rejoins the show, keeping things simple & humble

November 16, 2018

Fr. Anthony Sciarappa co-hosts(WHAT!?!?!) as we talk about what Taylor learned about keeping things simple from the high school students he was on retreat with this weekend. (The students may or may not have been a little comically confused)

In the second segment, we are joined by a listener favorite Fr. Augustine Wetta. He rejoins the show(from his high school classroom with actual students in it) to talk about his new novel "The Eighth Arrow" which explores what it would be like if Odysseus from the Odyssey was in Dante's Inferno. The book is a thoroughly entertaining jailbreak story, full of allusions to great works of old and the lessons contained. A segment with the monk who breaks all monk stereotypes is always entertaining.

In the final segment, Taylor and Fr. Anthony bring back the "Mass Text" segment to revisit this past Sunday's readings, see how Father's homily went, discuss being bad at humility & why truths survive the test of time.

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Forte Catholic Ep 108-Crazy 24 hours & finding God in secular songs w/Theresa Zoe Williams

November 9, 2018

All in 24 hours Taylor gets hurt, has a strange dining experience, is confused by the elections, is frustrated by a doctor's visit and stumped by a Gospel passage.

In the second segment, Theresa Zoe Williams makes her triumphant podcast debut as we explore finding connections to faith in secular songs. She's a tremendous blogger and Tweeter(is that a word?). Check her out at & @TheresaZoe on Twitter.

In the final segment, we answer more listener questions and make an announcement about changes coming to the show.

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Forte Catholic Ep 107-Producer Sam returns from the Holy Land!

November 2, 2018

She's here!!!!!!! Finally back from her trip to the Holy Land and the sickness that ensued, Sam returns and we update each other on what's happened in the last month. She weighs in on all the shenanigans we pulled while she was gone AND she shares her experience of traveling to the Holy Land for the first time. We finish the show off talking about the effects of Confirmation and how the Sacrament is(and isn't...) affecting us today.

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Forte Catholic Ep 106-Win the lottery & fight a baby elephant? Guest author of “Jesus Loves Movies”

October 26, 2018

Producer Sam and Fr. Jared Cooke were supppooooosed to be here this week to share about their trip to the Holy Land. But alas, they were both sick(I blame the Holy Land...) so AJ Barrows guest produced. Instead of talking the beauty of the Holy Land, we talked about what we would do if we won the 1.6 billion dollar lotto, finding happiness AND(of course) who would win in a fight: Taylor or a baby elephant.

Our guest this week is the author of "Jesus Loves Movies," Phil Strangolagalli(yea, you try to pronounce it!). His book walks through 30 of our favorite films and draws out connections to our walk with Christ in them. I was fascinated by some of the brilliant connections he makes. I'm gonna go watch a movie now! Enjoy the episode!



Forte Catholic Ep 105-Crazy travel & ?’s w/co host Allison Sullivan & a former Swiss Guard guest

October 19, 2018

Allison Sullivan rejoins the show to co-host this episode! We discuss the good, bad & ugly of our week's, including ANOTHER terrible travel experience for Taylor.

In the second segment, Taylor releases an interview from last month with former Swiss Guard, Andreas Widmer. He is in the running for most interesting man in the world. He was a Swiss Guard for JPII, once had Christmas Eve Dinner with the Pope, made a fortune in the dot com era, was essential in the creation of the voice recognition tech we now now as Siri or Alexa. He's fascinating! He currently teaches Entrepreneurship and the Catholic University of America where he shares the essential business principles he has learned throughout the years, how it affects our faith & much more!

In the final segment, Allison & Taylor pick up where we left off last week in answering questions from YOU, the listener. We spend most of our time discussing the qualities we look for in friends.

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Forte Catholic Ep 104-I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends Guest/TeaWithTolkien

October 12, 2018

Producer Sam is in the Holy Land so Taylor is all alone in the studio.....sooooo this week's show was crowd sourced! We got tons of questions and topics submitted by you the listeners. From CrossFit to Fortnite to chicken nuggets to Vatican III, we have something for everyone this week!

I also throw absolute shade at my frenemies at the Roman Circus podcast with the help of Fr. Anthony Sciarappa and throw shade at said priest with the help of his brother, producer Nick Sciarappa. Producer Sam wasn't around to carry the show so creativity and assistance from everyone involved was needed.

In the second segment, I am joined by my co-nemesis @TeaWithTolkien to talk about our "beef", her Catholic Twitter title & of course....tea & Tolkien.

Tune in to this very different but super interesting(I'm biased) episode! Let me know what you think of today's format and content on social media.

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Forte Catholic Ep 103-Two Year Anniversary Show w/guest Chris Mueller

October 5, 2018

Celebrating two years of Taylor talking too much! This episode marks the two year mark from the first Forte Catholic episode airing on RED-C Radio. We start off with a mini-celebration, update on Producer Sam and talk about her upcoming trip to the Holy Land.

In the second segment, Chris Mueller of joins the show. He's essentially the successful & better looking version of Taylor. We talk about what speaks to a regular Catholic and how to lead from the pews.

In the final segment, we talk about how Beyoncé's "Halo" & Taylor's recent lunch choice apply to a few of this week's feast days. We also talk about #InternationalPodcastDay, give away a prize & Taylor's conversation with a Catholic Twitter bot.


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Forte Catholic Ep 102-Laughing Thru the Pain. Crossover event w/Young Catholics Respond

September 28, 2018

Taylor had a crazy week. Producer Sam had a rough week. So what did we decide to do? Share stories and laugh through the pain with a conversation about a car wreck, the power going out in the middle of ministry and start a new segment where we answer questions from Curious Cat.

In the second segment, we are joined by Bill Snyder, the host of the "Young Catholics Respond" podcast. This is another podcast crossover event as Taylor joins this week's episode of Bill's show this week as well. We get to know Bill and hear his story of how three open heart surgeries have impacted his faith.

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Music by Taylor Schroll & Brandon Morel



Forte Catholic Ep 101-Between a Rock & a Hard Place. Guest Tony Vasinda w/Project YM

September 21, 2018

We kick of this week's show(THE FIRST TRUE PALINDROME EPISODE IS SHOW HISTORY!!!) by talking about the Captain Marvel Trailer release and our reactions to it. We talk about how the Avengers post-Infinity War are stuck between a rock and a hard place. This is our theme for the day as we begin a conversation about the Israelites being stuck between a rock and a hard place at the Red Sea here and finish it in the 3rd segment. We talk about the "Red Sea Rules"; the lessons we learn from looking at how God worked in this story.
*Spoiler Alert for Infinity War...well....and the Old Testament*

In the second segment, we are rejoined by Tony Vasinda, this time to talk about the work of Project YM and what they are doing to support youth ministers around the world. Tony gives us a peek into the lives of a youth minister that most people don't see and how we can support them as well.


Forte Catholic Ep 100 Celebration! Fun convos with 8 show favorite guests!

September 14, 2018

Huge celebration show planned for the 100th episode! We had 8 guests on this episode, all of which have had a huge impact on the show's history.

In the first segment, everyone's favorite Forte Catholic Character, "Rocco" the Eagles super-fan, returns to the show to give us an update on the Eagles and his faith. Then Taylor's two favorite priests, Fr. Anthony Sciarappa and Fr. Jared Cooke, face off to see if one of them can reign supreme by the end.

In the second segment, the bros Lance Rosen of the Catholic Coaster Podcast and Alex Gotay rejoin the show. We all make fun of each other, talk faith and culture & of course continue the Texas vs. Canada debate.

In the final segment, Chris Bartlett and J.P. Quinn rejoin the show with our surprise guest to talk favorite podcasts, Forte Catholic memories, Fortnite & more.

A huge thank you to everyone who has ever listened to the show, supported, shared, reviewed, etc. I couldn't have made it to 100 episodes without you. I hope you continue to enjoy as we #MakeCatholicismFunAgain together!



Forte Catholic Ep 99-Roman Circus Podcast Crossover, Catholic Twitter Craziness & show bloopers

September 7, 2018

This week was crazy on the Catholic Twitterverse and we talk about it throughout the show! From producer Sam being a hit on Catholic Twitter without even having a twitter account to my wife Sam(different person) being back on led to a lot of confusion and hilarity.

Our guests this week are often at the center of Catholic Twitter...the hosts of the Roman Circus Podcast, Matt Baker & Zac Mabry. We talk about their show, our Twitter beef and share a special instant classic Forte Catholic moment in regards to their intro. We died laughing. We're all dead now...

In the final segment, we share some bloopers and behind the scenes into how the show is made.

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Forte Catholic Ep 98-Shaun McAfee on Social Media, Light in the Darkness & DMX

August 31, 2018

We kick this week's show off trying to find some levity in the midst of troubling times. Taylor shares some recent realizations(and prank ideas) he's had recently & producer Sam gives him a new challenge.

In the second segment, Shaun McAfee rejoins the show to talk about his new book, "Social Media Magisterium" on the proper use of media in our time. It helps that since his first appearance on episode 76, Shaun and Taylor have spent countless hours playing video games & becoming great friends. Tune in for this laughfest with nuggets of truth bombs throughout from señor McA4!

In the final segment, Taylor shares how one of his favorite rap songs from High School has ironically been helping him through the tough last few weeks.

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Forte Catholic Ep 96-Bearded Blevins, Bible Lens Hilarity & Chris Agron’s Catholic Memes

August 17, 2018

We kick off the show talking about the new Bible Lens App and how Taylor is using it to laugh non-stop. We share some of our best creations with you and invite you to play along!

We also have not one but TWO guests this week! In the 2nd segment, we are joined by Catholic Video Game Streamer extraordinaire, Jonathan "Bearded" Blevins. He is a member of the "Royal Family of Twitch Streamers(a title bestowed by Taylor)" as the eldest brother of Ninja and Invictus. By day, Jonathan is a full-time Director of Evangelization and Catechesis at a parish up north and by night he is living out the New Evangelization in a special way by sharing the Gospel & the love of God on his Twitch stream(@BeardedBlevins). He is also answering people's questions about faith while playing. His work is so refreshing in a place that is not usually uplifting. Jonathan is a fascinating dude and was a blast to speak with!

In the final segment, Taylor is joined by fellow podcaster Chris Agron to talk about his obsession with Catholic memes. We hope you enjoy this double dose of people not named Taylor talking on the show!



Forte Catholic Ep 95-Professional Actress/Model Kalyn Hemphill & new game “Life Verse”

August 10, 2018

This week’s episode is here! We are joined by professional actress and model, Kalyn Hemphill, to hear her story of living as a Christian in Hollywood. She is from Taylor’s hometown and became so much more successful than him! She is the winner of Project Runway Season 6 and has appeared in Days of Our Lives and NCIS:Los Angeles. She has a great story to share so tune in!

The rest of the show, we play a new game called “Life Verse,” Taylor tells a joke he might regret and we talk about a new awesome app called Bible Lens that Taylor uses for some comedy.