Catholic Foodie 08/11/15 - Back to School Recipe Ideas

August 11, 2015

Back-to-School #Recipe Ideas on the show today... including what to do with all those fresh summer tomatoes, how to pickle summer veggies, and several fun and new seasoning options for grilled or roasted chicken. All easy-peasy recipes to help feed your family healthy and delicious food during the busy back-to-school transition. Full show notes and recipes available by clicking here:

The Faithful Traveler introduces Jeff Young, The Catholic Foodie 08/05/15

August 5, 2015

Diana introduces Jeff Young, The Catholic Foodie, as one of her regular guests on the program.  Get to know Jeff a little better during this episode. 

Liner Notes, Episode 3    

Catholic Foodie 08/03/15 - Bread from Heaven and French Baguettes

August 3, 2015

Today on The Catholic Foodie Show we talk about the readings from yesterday’s Mass and what they could mean for me and you. We also talk French Baguettes with a recipe from my friend Craig Poirier. Full show notes, including the recipe, are available by clicking here:

Catholic Foodie 07/27/15 - Chewing on the Sunday Mass Readings

July 27, 2015

Jeff reflects the Sunday Mass Readings,, and his trip to the Catholic Marketing Network conference.

Catholic Foodie - More Pizza Amore! 07/20/15

July 20, 2015
On The Catholic Foodie Show today we are talking about one of my favorite foods in all the world… PIZZA! We not only talk creative topping combinations, but we also hear the end of the interview I did last week with Baking Steel founder and creator Andris Lagsdin.

And‚Ķ as I have promised over and over again, I do have voice feedback to share with you today from my friend Angela Sealana. That‚Äôs right, I have finally figured out how to give technical difficulties to my technical difficulties. ūüėČ I‚Äôve figured out a solution to the issues we experienced last week. And the result‚Ķ you finally get to hear Angela‚Äôs message.

Catholic Foodie - Saving Money 07/15/15

July 15, 2015
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Jeff Young, the host of The Catholic Foodie Show here on Real Life Radio, provides Catholic culinary inspiration to help you grow in faith around the table of the Eucharist and around your family dinner table at home. From food in the bible to recipes you can make in your own kitchen, to stories and interviews that highlight the importance of shared meals with family and friends, you will find inspiration and encouragement to get into the kitchen and around the table.

The Catholic Foodie Show… where food meets faith!

Recipe Friday, Grilling, Inspirations and more! - Catholic Foodie 07/10/15

July 10, 2015

The Catholic Foodie shares more culinary inspirations, a bit about grilling, and it's RECIPE FRIDAY!  This Friday, hear how to make stuffed summer squash!

No Meat! Meatless Fridays Throughout the Year | The Catholic Foodie Show 07/09/15

July 9, 2015

Hot on the heels of my interview on Catholicism Live! last night we tackle the questions of gluttony, fasting and abstaining from meat on Fridays throughout the year on today’s show. I also supply you with resources for your life of faith and your kitchen counter. Listen in!

Your Favorite Funky Food Combinations - Catholic Foodie 07/08/15

July 8, 2015

What's your favorite "funky food?" You know, weird food combinations... Bananas and peanut butter, or  anchovy paste on grapefruit! Got a funky food combination that you like? Tell me about it in the comments below. Comment below... or better yet, leave me voice feedback describing your funky food combo by calling 985-635-4974.

Listen in to hear what our other listeners eat!  (And things that gross out our producer, Jennifer).

Culinary Inspirations with the Catholic Foodie 07/07/15

July 7, 2015

What chefs inspire the Catholic Foodie?  Find out in this edition of the Catholic Foodie Show w/ Jeff Young!  PLUS some special recipes for you to use in YOUR kitchen!

Jeff Young, The Catholic Foodie, share his story with Mary Graham on Living Witnesses 07/06/15

July 6, 2015

Did you know that the Catholic Foodie studied for the priesthood?  Learn more as he shares his story with Mary Graham on Living Witnesses.

Tips to Reduce Food Waste at Home | The Catholic Foodie Show 07/06/15

July 6, 2015

The average American family wastes over $640 a year in food. Are there ways to reduce that number? You bet there are! And today we talk ideas on how we can better plan our meals, our shopping, and reduce food waste. Listen in! Detailed show notes are available at

Catholic Foodie with Chef John Besh 06/30/15

June 30, 2015

Reaching into the Catholic Foodie archives, Jeff brings you an interview with Chef John Besh.  Check out his book My Family Table.  

Catholic Foodie in the Kitchen! Drop Biscuits and Red Beans & Rice 06/29/15

June 29, 2015

Here are links to the recipes for Drop Biscuits & Red Beans & Rice

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Catholic Foodie with Ian Rutherford, Aquinas & More 06/22/15

June 22, 2015
Ian Rutherford joins Jeff Young, the Catholic Foodie, to chat about the cookbook sale from Aquinas & More.  

Use code FOODIERADIO for Free Shipping!

Catholic Foodie - Summer Cooking with Marcelle Bienvenu

June 10, 2015

From The Catholic Foodie archives I bring to you a delightful conversation with chef and food writer Marcelle Bienvenu. We talk summer cooking with fresh vegetables and fresh Gulf seafood, and I share with you a recipe for Shrimp & Okra Gumbo.

Catholic Foodie with Chef Amy Sins of Langlois in New Orleans 06/09/15

June 9, 2015

Chef Amy Sins of Langlois in New Orleans joins me today on The Catholic Foodie Show.